Is your pelvis ready for birth?


Embrace Pelvic Wellness

Your pelvis is the center of your body and the vessel of motherhood.
It deserves to be taken care of!

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Let’s take the mystery out of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum pelvic wellness.

Dr. Ryan Bailey will introduce you to habits and exercises that will help you strengthen and move your core and pelvis in a way that will protect your body, prevent issues, and prolong your wellness.

As women, we're led to believe that what happens during pregnancy and postpartum is outside of our control, but this is not true.

You have the innate ability to create patterns of movement, habits, and healing to take charge of your pregnancy, birth, and recovery. All it takes is believing your body is amazing and a little help from a maternal pelvic health specialist at Expecting Pelvic Health.

There are so many benefits of staying active during pregnancy for you and baby.

Think of all the activities you’ll be able to continue during pregnancy because you know how to safely and efficiently move. Imagine having the birth experience of your dreams by knowing how to access the correct muscles, movements, and positions to assist your body while pushing naturally, avoiding unnecessary medical interventions.  

I'm here to empower your inner goddess of motherhood so you can embrace, nourish, and love your body for years to come.

Dr. Ryan Bailey

helps moms from conception to 5 years postpartum build a deeper body awareness to optimize pelvic wellness and avoid and improve common issues like fertility concerns, leaking pee, pelvic pain, pregnancy pains, painful sex, diastasis recti, prolapse, and more.


"Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had...and dealing with fears you didn't' know existed."

- Linda Wooten -



Dr. Bailey’s devotion to her own pelvic healing joined with her over 9 years of specialty training in women’s health physical therapy while working with women of all ages helps her bring more clarity to your pelvic health.

Well Mama Courses

A revolutionary holistic program for mindfulness, reconnection and body love during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to avoid common motherhood issues.


For those who live in the Seacoast of NH & ME, Dr. Bailey brings her expertise to the comfort of your home for hands on pelvic health training to stay active during pregnancy, prepare for birth, and heal fully during postpartum.

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"Ryan is kind, competent, and thorough. She is a wonder to watch after only two sessions I feel deep changes in my body. As a midwife, I would gladly recommend her to my own clients."

- Paige -


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