My pregnancies have taught me more than I ever expected about how amazing the female body is.


I have been helping women for over 10 years reconnect to their body, heal injury and restore function and after each of my pregnancies, births and recovery my eyes have opened to even more possibilities of healing.

I have a deeper respect for how each body is unique, beautiful, and brings a new story to the journey of motherhood.

Each experience brought different challenges and I worked hard to create a mind-body connection so my body could draw upon movements and techniques to support birth and recovery. This self discovery and journey taught me patience and the power within me for healing.

This power is within you too!


I’m here to help you tap into your power. Be your compass through your own discovery and healing. To understand what your new and beautiful body is capable of.

We all bring different backgrounds to pregnancy and we have individual needs. My journey may look nothing like yours and yet we may have the simlar goals.

I had to work hard to achieve the goals I set out to accomplish during my pregnancy and I knew it would take determination and the know-how to make them happen. You can do it too!

My philosophy has changed from needing to designate specific time to exercise to using every moment in my day as a way to be mindful of my movement, posture, fitness, and overall health.

I bring this new thinking into my practice by nurturing a balance between efficiency and functionality in day to day tasks, exercise, and manual therapy to promote long term pelvic health benefits.

Are you ready to commit to your prenatal, birth, and postpartum pelvic health goals?


Professional Bio

Dr. Bailey is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, earning her degree from the University of New England.

She is a Board Certified Women’s Health Physical Therapist and Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Specialist with training in Pilates.

Dr. Bailey has extensive training in maternal pelvic health and exercise through the Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute and countless years of mentoring and work with women of all ages.

Dr. Bailey also has a special interest in family dynamics and early childhood development earning her bachelor's degree in Family Studies from the University of New Hampshire.