How to Reconnect to your Deep Core During Postnatal Healing with a Mobile Baby

Healing from birth is a big deal!

Unfortunately, most moms are thrust back into life without support of how to safely move to protect her healing body.

Those early months when baby is less active are an ideal time to slowly begin reconnecting to healing tissue.

Even though time is at a premium and sleep deprivation is a real thing, finding time through out the day to tune in is easier when baby is not mobile.

So what to do when baby becomes on the go?

Baby is now rolling, crawling, cruising, walking and no longer wants to stay in one spot.

Do what baby does!

Your baby is also connecting and building strength in his core.

Through each position baby forms new muscle memory by practicing each skill over and over until it’s mastered. This creates coordination, stability and balance in the body before moving on to the next skill.

This is exactly what you should be doing.

When baby is doing tummy time, so should you.

When baby is pushing up onto hands and knees, so should you.

When baby is pulling up into standing, so should you.

Do you see the pattern?

By tuning in to your body in each position you build a deeper connection to your pelvic floor and core (deep core) before moving on to a more complex position or movement.

Try following your baby’s lead one day and see how well you can call upon your deep core.

Can you engage your deep core when you lie on your back and lift your leg, like baby does to play with his toes?

If that is challenging, do you think your body is connecting when you are lifting, walking, or doing more high intensity exercises?

Probably not!

So take a page out your baby’s book, slow down and tune in…over and over again until you have mastered reconnecting to your deep core.

If you want guidance in how to do this, you’re already having pelvic floor problems or you have experienced trauma during birth, let’s connect. I’m here to help!