How to uplevel your healing during postpartum recovery.

You just had a baby and feeling blissed out by meeting this new little human(s).

But you are also sore and don't recognize your body. Your body doesn't respond to your commands and is uncomfortable to do basic functions.

This is totally normal those first few weeks after birth.

You're body just went through the quickest physical change it will ever naturally go through.

Then what?

Bruised and injured tissue are nourished and heal. Your uterus shrinks and other organs slowly shift to normal position. Your body finds its way to regular functioning through mind-body connection. And much more.

This is happens while caring for your new baby and moving your body in new ways; creating new habits and movement patterns.

What happens when you're having a hard time healing and reconnecting to your body?

You are not alone mama!

This is very common and why it takes time to feel "normal" again.

It's also why resting and asking for help is so important after birth.

But who do you ask for help to bring balance to your mom body?

A pelvic floor physical therapist who specializes in postpartum care.

But how soon after birth should you ask for help?

It's not enough to wait until your 6 week visit.

Ideally you will find an amazing PT during pregnancy who will follow you through birth into postpartum.

But if you didn't, you can see a PT as early as 2 weeks postpartum!

That's right there are things you can do before you see your birth provider that are safe and very effective to help you recover from pregnancy and birth.

Some of these things, like core breath coordination can start within hours of giving birth.

Most importantly you will learn how to work with your healing body. You need to rest yes but when you are not snuggling up with baby you will be moving around to care for baby and yourself.

Figuring out safe ways to move in and out of bed, traverse stairs, lifting and carrying baby, breastfeeding positions, what exercises to reduce muscle tension from breastfeeding, and much more.

You can also begin manual nourishment of your healing tissues. Myofascial release and visceral mobilization are only two techniques that work wonders after birth to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and assist organs in healing.

Then after 6 weeks we can take your care a step further by assessing the pelvic floor internally. Testing for weakness, scar adhesions, pain, coordination, pelvic organ position and more.

So not only will you know how to work on what you can see but also those super important internal bits that you can't!

Guidance by a PT will help make the most impact on your healing body and ensure safe reconnecting and avoidance of those undesirable pelvic floor problems!

But don't worry if you're past the 6 weeks postpartum, it's not too late to start your pelvic health postpartum healing journey.