Your journey toward a deeper body awareness to keep doing or
resume activities you love starts now.


Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are layered with multidimensional changes that impact your body.

These changes can be subtle, gradually altering your body overtime, or quick and unexpected leading to injury, causing difficulty moving and unwanted pelvic health symptoms, making normal tasks and enjoyable activities more challenging.

Moms who regularly exercise during pregnancy reduce chances of gestational diabetes, hypertension and depression. You can also moderate weight gain, prepare your body for the rigors of birth, reduce your risk of medical intervention during birth, improve your birth recovery, and lay the foundation to reconnect with your core postpartum overall enhancing your pregnancy and postpartum experience.

Those moms who work with a maternal pelvic health specialist through postpartum recovery are able to resume daily tasks and their favorite activities with improved continence, controlled symptoms from a prolapse, and no back or pelvic pain sooner than moms who have no support.

You have a choice to improve your pelvic health to empower your pregnancy, birth and postpartum and I’m here to help.

Dr. Bailey works with women looking for…

  • Guidance for mechanical fertility treatment

  • Safe exercises during pregnancy

  • A holistic approach to pelvic health and maternal care

  • A partner in birth preparation to learn how to enhance her body’s birthing potential and avoid birth injury

  • A postpartum sexual relationship without pain

  • Relief from muscle, joint or nerve pain during pregnancy and postpartum - most common areas are the back, hips and pelvic girdle (pubic symphysis or sacroiliac joints)

  • Corrective exercises postpartum to avoid or treat incontinence (any time you leek pee when you aren't intending to), prolapse (when a pelvic organ descends into the vagina which may cause a heaviness sensation, among other symptoms) or diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals)

  • A way to resume high impact exercise, activity, or a sport without causing long term pelvic floor injury by returning too early

  • Relief from c-section, episiotomy, or tear scar pain

  • Safe methods to care for (including feeding, lifting, carrying, bouncing, etc) their baby to avoid or ease back or pelvic pain

Dr. Bailey offers two unique approaches to suppor

Dr. Bailey's online program, Expecting Pelvic Fitness, is a self-paced, knowledge saturated wellness program, exclusively for expecting and new moms like you. She has taken her years of experience working with women and her own healing journey to compile the top exercises and educational material to maximize your pelvic health potential.

Each trimester comes with it’s own unique challenges. Each portion of this program targets the areas of your body most affected during these different times to balance muscles, optimize force transfer through joints and improve overall function to help moms stay active during pregnancy, prepare for birth and promote optimal pelvic health postpartum.

You'll work directly with Dr. Bailey in the either the comfort of your own home or her office at Relief. She brings her dedication to helping moms like you, her expertise, and equipment right to you. Your baby can stay napping, play on the floor next to you, nurse or have a snack all while you and Dr. Bailey create a plan that works with your needs, desires and goals during pregnancy and postpartum.

Dr. Bailey becomes a partner in your health, working with you through hands on therapy and educational based training. Her unique approach to your care will include a variety of myofascial release, posture training, mindful movement training, core and pelvic floor awareness training and exercises, and whole body movement.

To learn more about how to begin your journey, schedule an informational consult call with Dr. Bailey!


Expecting Pelvic Health is also at Relief one day a week. Learn more about this amazing resource here!