Perinatal Pelvic Health Guide

Your Pelvic Health - From Pregnancy to Postpartum

Your quality of life during pregnancy and postpartum depends so much on your pelvic health. It’s a wonder why so little is shared with us through these times to boost your awareness and understanding of how to preserve and restore your pelvic health to really enhance your experiences.

This quick reference guides you through the basics of pelvic health from anatomy and pelvic floor’s role to post birth recovery tips and basic pelvic health exercises.

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Breastfeeding has so many incredible benefits for you and baby.

  • Immunity support - breastmilk contains antibodies

  • Bonding - skin to skin and closeness with eye contact helps you and baby bond

  • Gut health - contains good bacteria

  • Weight - reduces risk of your baby being overweight and helps you loss pregnancy weight

  • Reduces risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis

Unfortunately, the amount of time spent in breastfeeding positions can take a toll on your body.

When your body is healing, the muscles are not able to support your posture in these positions and can lead to muscle aches and pains.

The good news is there are simple things you can be doing to provide the support and reduce the aches and pains.

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A CSection is a miraculous way our medical community allows you to be able to have your baby.

However, a csection is major abdominal surgery and should be treated as such. There are many issues that can arise from a csection like:

  • Abdominal or scar pain or numbness

  • Painful sex

  • Constipation or other gut issues

  • Back or pelvic pain

  • Incontinence

Unfortunately, you are not advised how to care for your scar once it’s healed to avoid these issues.

When your body is healing from a csection you can make a big difference by practicing core breathing and perform scar massage.

I’ve put together an easy to follow freebie for you to do just that!

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