“Ryan has been a God send for my pregnancy and postpartum time! I sought her out after experiencing some near debilitating hip and lower back pain in my second trimester, and I'm so glad I did. I had been going to a chiropractor, but I knew I needed something more.

Ryan was able to recognize some movement patterns and muscle weakness that was contributing to my pain and help me learn exercises to address it. She also used manual techniques, some of which I could feel the effects of immediately.

She was supportive and knowledgeable through the end of my pregnancy and helped me to prepare my body for birth. I had a tough labor and birth, and I know that it would have been worse if it weren't for some of the ways I prepared myself during and in between our sessions together.

And I have been grateful to have Ryan on my team for postpartum recovery as well, as she has helped me navigate everything from my hip pain to hemorrhoids. Postpartum is not a glamorous time, but Ryan has made me feel supported and strong.

I would also like to point out that I'm an occupational therapist myself and have spent years getting to know my body. I've dealt with multiple chronic illnesses mostly on my own because of my own knowledge and training. I chose Ryan as my PT and kept going back to her because her expertise is top notch. She knows her stuff and was an invaluable asset to my pregnancy and postpartum journeys!”

-Alyson S


"I was only about six months postpartum [when I started working with Ryan at Expecting Pelvic Health], and still feeling a bit shaky on my new mom legs. I was also a bit shocked and overwhelmed to be dealing with an issue in my early 30s that I had always assumed was experienced only by the elderly.

It was a relief in more ways than one to be able to work with Ryan. I found her to be quite down-to-earth and easy to talk to, while also very educated in her field. Being a mom herself, she was able to be supportive and understanding about all that I was experiencing as a new mother, both physical and otherwise.  

I also appreciated being able to bring my infant daughter with me to my appointments. Ryan had plenty of toys to keep her occupied, and when my daughter did get fussy, Ryan would either hold her or modify what we were doing so that I could be near her. That made all the difference in my ability to continue treatment and make progress.

While not completely cured, my symptoms were greatly reduced, and I was able to start training for a half-marathon, my first race postpartum. Ryan also helped me with a few other aches, pains, and alignment issues during my initial training period, and I ended up finishing the race with a personal best. I wholeheartedly recommend Expecting Pelvic Health (formerly White Lotus Physical Therapy)—we childbearing women of the Seacoast area are lucky to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable physical therapist here for us!"

Lora T


"With both my babies I experienced a minor diastasis recti that left me with a weak core.  

I signed up for the MuTu 12 week program online but wanted to do Physical Therapy as well.  Expecting Pelvic Health (Formerly White Lotus Physical Therapy) was the perfect compliment to the program and exercises I was already doing.  Going to see Ryan weekly helped to ensure I had the proper form with my exercises so that I was not worsening the condition.  It also kept me accountable to fixing my body! Ryan's approach was to address the root of the problem through a combination of various stretches, exercises, and myofascial massage.  I became more educated about my diastasis and even learned about other underlying alignment issues that may be contributing to my weak core.

She really understands women's postpartum health issues and made me feel very comfortable in all our sessions!"

Kelly G.


"I’ve suffered from migraines my whole life and have long wanted to try physical therapy, but was always too intimidated by the referral process to move forward. When I got pregnant however the unrelenting headaches as well as other symptoms that I thought were a normal part of pregnancy but anticipated towards the third trimester rather than the first, finally motivated me to go see my primary care physician and get the referral.

I wish I’d done it sooner because seeing Ryan Bailey at Expecting Pelvic Health (formerly White Lotus PT) was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health.

Ryan’s a unique physical therapist because she really sees the whole person. She provided me a plan not only to address my weak pelvic floor and the tension causing the headaches, but how to move throughout my space my safely and effectively to prevent these problems going forward. She even went above and beyond as we neared the end of our sessions and I neared my delivery date in preparing me in how to use my body for a more effective delivery. I had wanted to birth naturally, she helped me with laboring positions that were safe for me and tailored for my particular situation as well as giving me examples of ways to take care of my body postpartum. I would recommend Ryan to any woman pregnant or not because she treats patients with compassion and really is effective in helping you get your body into the shape you want it to be so you can be healthy for the rest of your life."

Laura B