Top 5 Activities For New Moms for a Seacoast Mother's Day

As a new mom, most of us put ourselves last in line for everything.

And even though I believe moms should be celebrated every day (because really none of us would be here without a mom), we should at least take advantage of the one day a year that is named after us.

So in recognition of Mother's Day I put together a list of the top 5 activities to do on the Seacoast for Mother's Day.

Go to the Beach

Even though the weather has been on the chillier side these past few weeks... where did those nice warm days go? Heading over the beach is a great way to spend the day.

You can do this by yourself to reflect or take a breather (or a nap in the car, I won't tell anyone). Or you can bring your loved ones along and enjoy watching your little one play in the sand or snuggle up with you on a blanket while you breath in the fresh salty air and (hopefully) the sun.

Here's a list.

Have Brunch

You can either do this in bed (just like your little one does all the time) or enjoy an outing to one of the many great restaurants we have on the Seacoast.

Doing brunch instead of breakfast gives you time to get out the door without rushing and you should be able to time it around naps!

Here's just a few options.

Mom's Night Out

This one would actually take place before mother's day, but bare with me.  We have an amazing birth community on the Seacoast and they are putting on the play, BIRTH.

So call up or text your other mom friends or that new mom you just met on your walk and invite her to a night out.  Leave the babe home with your partner and enjoy an evening free of spit up and changing diapers.

Learn more about the play here.

Go for a Hike

Going up to hike the Whites or over to Blue Jobe may be a bit much for you right now, but there are some really pretty hikes around the Seacoast that are relatively flat and can be done with a newborn.

Head over to Portsmouth Forestry Center, Ordione State Park, Wagon Hill Farm, Vaughan Woods, Great Bay Discovery Center just to name a few.

Some of these locations also offer more than just a hike, including playgrounds, water access, indoor exploration and restrooms.

And because I'm also a realist (as a mom of an almost 3 year old)...

Hanging out At Home

Sometimes the best thing to do on mother's day is to send out the family and have some peace and quite at home.  Then you can take a bath, with dare I say candles, and a nice body soak. Actually shave and maybe even read a book while absorbing the sweat smells and releasing tension without the interruption of a crying babe or screaming child. Then maybe you can pamper yourself with a little nail painting or a nap!

Just whatever you do, don't do housework (unless you enjoy cleaning and would really like to without the interruption of a little one, then have at it!)

Enjoy your Mother's Day mamas and as always, if you can't enjoy any of these activities because of pain or pelvic floor know who to call!