Small Gifts Add Up to Big Rewards

During the holidays we are constantly bombarded by sales and the rush of the season.

We were prepared this year to have to join in the Santa gift giving for our 3 1/2 year old. Answering questions about "good" and "bad" and why Santa brings gifts and what she wants from Santa. She has surprised us though by asking for only one gift from Santa (which didn't come out until she met Santa at her school), but what she wanted more was for Santa to bring everyone in our family (extended included) something.

As I reflect on the past few weeks her spirited, generous heart has taught me that it's the little gifts bring the most joy.

To use the phrase from her school, and "fill our buckets" the most.

Big hugs out of the blue

"I Love You" sprinkled through the day

Unprompted thank yous

Asking to help clean up

A handmade gift from school

These small gifts she has given us remind me that it doesn't take much to make a huge impact.

The same can be said for small mindful movements adding up BIG long term rewards.

When you pay attention to how you move throughout the day, how you stand, how you lift, how you breath, what you eat & drink, how you play, you're laying the foundation for a healthier body.

For example, if you made sure you stood in proper posture over 75% of the time you're muscles, joints, organs and other systems wouldn't be as stressed and will function more efficiently for longer.

Incorporating your inner core (pelvic floor, transverse abdominus, multifidus and respiratory diaphragm) into your daily tasks tells your body, "I want to help you feel more stable."

These shifts can improve bladder control, reduce pain, create balance & function in a diastasis recti and much more.

It doesn't take much to make little tweaks to posture, alignment and muscle coordination.

Most of what it takes is taking the few seconds to pause and recognize when to tweak.

The more you lay the foundational work the greater impact you make on a mind-body connection that reinforces the mindfulness and "fills your bucket up."

Just like the small gifts our daughter has been giving us, you can give yourself small gifts of self care and mindfulness that will last a lifetime.