Reflections of a Mom

As I sit here during the post bed time quite I reflect on the past two days.  When I dropped my daughter off at day care yesterday I was called half an hour later asking for me to pick her up as they suspected she had conjunctivitis.  After a quick convo with my husband who was already at work I reversed direction and picked our daughter up, while leaving a message with our pediatrician to schedule an appointment.

My first thought was how did we miss this, since I was just with her. And I felt like a terrible mom, but at the same time I realized I had no reservations about canceling all my patients that day to be with my little girl when she was sick.

Don't get me wrong, I love my patients, and do all that I can for them. But my daughter will always be my number one patient when she is sick.

In this moment of clarity I was reminded of my "Why".  Why I decided to go out on my own and be a private practice owner.

To be able to be home with my daughter while providing the services I love.

So when it was suggested today that the antibiotics she was on may be the wrong medication because the symptoms had returned I was disheartened.  In an age when strains of bacteria are becoming more resistant, I am not one to keep guessing which antibiotic will work. Because that is what it feels like so many times in the medical world.  You go into the doctors and they prescribe medication even before doing any testing or even examining you. Luckily for the most part practitioners use knowledge from anecdotal evidence and best practices so most guesses turn out to be right.

Don't get me wrong, some of my best treatments are based on guesses.... I like to call them hunches or gut reactions... that are fueled by my experience and knowledge of the body.

But when there are alternatives to western medicine that have proven to work, why not use them?  So now I will be going with my gut and using a tincture of water, honey and salt, to use those wonderful antibacterial and anti fungal properties of honey.

I also recommend the use of honey to my moms for perineum care after birth.

This clarity made me realize more of my "why."  I believe in finding alternatives to the explanations or lack there of, moms receive from their OBs when confronted with the changes we face during pregnancy and after birth. Especially to provide hope to those who are told your pregnancy pain is normal, there is nothing that can be done for mastitis except antibiotics, just live with peeing your pains after birth or keep trying to have sex, it'll get better.

I'm not willing to let my daughter grow up into a medical system where a women's body is not respected or revered during pregnancy, delivery and after birth.  This country is far behind others in this respect and I'm going to use my love for my daughter and my passion for maternal care bring our medical system up to date one expecting mom at a time, because as a physical therapist I would consider myself one of the best providers to be seen during this most special time because of all the physical changes that happen to our bodies.

If you have a daughter, sister, best friend who you want to see have the best maternal care possible please share.  The more we are able to spread the word that we demand more time to heal, better education around the changes that occur and more instruction on how to take care of our bodies during pregnancy and after birth the medical world will start to take notice.

By doing this we can significantly reduce many issues that women have to deal with later in life and help generations of moms to come.

All it takes is one voice to start the conversation, so consider it started.