The Purest Form of Pelvic Health

Now that we have a newborn in the house again, this means DIAPERS...

With our daughter we cloth diapered. So we decided to cloth diaper again.

But what I learned when my daughter was a babe is what I believe to be the purest form of pelvic health, called elimination communication.

Elimination communication is following your babe's verbal and physical cues when they need to go to the bathroom.

You've all heard a babe grunting or a toddler hide in the corner when they poop. These are less subtle than the noises they make when they need to pee. But it is the way your child expresses his needs. Just like the different cries for being hungry, tired or wet.

So elimination communication is essentially respecting your babe's needs by listening and following their cues for bladder and bowel control. Thus establishing the earliest pelvic health habit.

It is an incredible feeling to have your babe smile up at you after they have finished pooping on the toilet!

Since we were successful with our daughter, we decided to give it a go again with our son. The first week he was born, I pulled out our little potty bowl and followed the same steps I did with my daughter.

After every nursing session I would wait about 5-10 minutes then offer him the potty bowl and cue by saying "psssss" or grunting. My verbal cues re-enforced his cues and eventually he was becoming more vocal when he needed to pee or poo.

Once we had established I would listen to his needs, I now ask him if he needs to go both verbally and with sign language. Then based on his response or the timing of when he went last I bring him to the toilet, holding him in a secure squat position.

I believe that listening and following your babes cues, just like with feedings, you're showing them they are respected and teach them they know their body.

This creates a good habit of communication, since they can't get to the toilet on their own, and helps establish good bladder and bowel control and hygiene.

In other countries this is the norm. Diapers are not used very often if at all and babes are "toilet trained" in infancy, by listening to the infants own cues.

Elimination communication is not for everyone. And we are not as hard core as I could be. But I strongly believe both my children have better toileting habits for it. My daughter has never been constipated, even when she began solid foods. My son already has a regular bowel movement routine, which he established himself!

Yes, there were many hard times with my daughter, especially when our routine was thrown off by a milestone or a trip. But it was well worth it!

I bring the same compassion and devotion to your care.

  • I listen.
  • I observe.
  • I communicate.
  • I work with you to build your body confidence.
  • I empower you to connect with your body again on a deeper level.
  • I expand your knowledge about your health.
  • I support you through flare ups and set backs
  • I help you establish habits that create long term pelvic health

So I begin another elimination communication journey, or the earliest stages of pelvic health and wellness, with my babe.

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